About the Mortgage Agent

License # M08005056

My name is Penny-Ann and I am a licensed mortgage agent with Real Mortgage Associates (RMA).  Unfortunately, before I trained to become a mortgage agent I learned an extremely costly lesson about mortgages and the differences between banks ($14,000 to be exact).  This lesson is one of the most valuable that I gathered from all of my education and training, and it benefits my clients because I use this knowledge to help steer my clients away from the same traps and pitfalls.  

 You’re probably curious to know what circumstances could have cost me $14,000.  Well, when I purchased my first home, I had a choice between two banks that were offering almost the same interest rate.  I decided to go with my bank because they actually lowered the rate by 0.1% and I thought it was a fantastic deal. What I could have never anticipated is that within 5 years I would want to sell my house and move, when it came time to break my mortgage that’s when the shock hit me, my penalty was $16,000. 
 As you can imagine I was stunned, it had to be a mistake!  Well it wasn’t, and to make matters worse I later found out that if I had of gone with the other bank, my penalty would have been $2000 to break the other mortgage.  While I was getting to the bottom of why my penalty was so high, I discovered that even though the wording in the mortgage papers was the same, one bank calculated their penalty based on the bond market and the other bank did not.  That meant absolutely nothing to me, all I knew was because my broker didn’t know the banks calculated their penalties differently, it cost me an extra $14,000.

As you can imagine now that I am a mortgage agent, I have made it my mission to understand every aspect of mortgage commitments from each of the 57 lenders in Canada.  My hope is that I can use the knowledge I’ve gained from this experience and help my clients avoid the same traps. 


Refinance,Consolidate Debt,Self Employed,Bad Credit...

I hope you find the content in this website useful as you search for information on mortgages.  My hope is to provide information for anyone needing a mortgage, whether it’s to renew a mortgage, refinance, or to arrange financing to purchase a home.  If you like the information, I hope to have the opportunity to assist you in arranging your mortgage.

My name is Penny-Ann and as I stated before, I am a mortgage agent for RMA.  I created this website as an information guide for anyone seeking a mortgage in Canada.  If you have any questions that you cannot find the answer to, please do not hesitate to ask.  There is no obligation and I will make every effort to answer the question.
I don’t want to waste your time explaining all the mortgage products I offer, you’ve probably already searched a few websites and discovered that most brokers have access to the exact same mortgage products.  We can all use over 50 lenders across Canada, refinance a mortgage, consolidate debt, arrange a mortgage for self employed, etc. and we all have access to private lenders, but:

Not All Brokers Are Created Equal!

What I mean by that is all mortgage agents have very different attitudes toward conducting business.  Some agents care only about getting the easy deals done!  They spend so much time focusing on problems in a deal that they don't always get a successful solution. 

I have an extremely positive attitude.  I look for positive solutions for every situation.   I work hard on every file and I am assertive.   I am up to date with the latest mortgage products and because I work with underwriters on a daily basis, I have built up an extensive network of contacts.  This quite often can help in finding a successful solution to a file.

My commitment is to always offer advice that’s in the client’s best interest even if that means I don’t get the business.  I do believe that if I offer honest advice and always look out for the best interest of my client, they will come back to me again and again.  This attitude helps me build a loyal relationship with a client, and this is why 95% of my business comes from referralls to their friends and family.  I believe that getting a referral is the best compliment you can get.

I am available to clients outside of regular business hours, and always return phone calls and emails quickly.  One of the advantages of using my services is the convenience and my commitment to success.  Let’s face it, the world is changing and the people who work nine to five are rare.  They need this type of convenience.  With my knowledge and experience in the industry, it will quite often result in getting you the best mortgage deal available for your situation.

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